About Me


Shatarupa Dhar a.k.a. Shaina


Shatarupa for everyone and Shaina in the bookish realm.
Currently saying ‘Hi!’ from Delhi, India.

I am a student of M.A. English who moonlights as a writer. I’m also a part-time singer and have a Diploma (A-level) in Hindustani Classical Music.

When I’m not doing any of the above, I’d either be reading a book or learning to play a new musical instrument every once in a while in between my love for travelling. But of course, books are my first love; evidence of which is here:

(If you’re on Instagram, feel free to say hi! I’m ever present for a bookish chat.)

I’m a foodie at heart, who occasionally likes to don the chef’s hat and try out new and unique recipes. I’ve a flair for photography as well and the pictures you see on this blog, where no credits are given, are clicked by me.

You can also reach me at shatdhar@gmail.com – I would love to hear from you!