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Hate Thy Neighbor by S.M. Soto (Blog Tour)

Hate was all there was to their relationship.
At the very least, that’s what she tried to tell herself.

Welcome to my tour stop on the Hate Thy Neighbor Blog Tour by Social Butterfly PR!

My Rating: 5/5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 353 (Kindle)
Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing
Date of Publication: 27 July 2020

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Hate Thy Neighbor, a sexy and LOL enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy from S.M. Soto, is available now!


Olivia Rene Hales is twenty-five and is moving into her own house, finally. Much to her parents’ concern. One of whom is a psychologist, the other a sex therapist. You can imagine how it gets. After the recent break-up with her fiancé, she’s looking forward to a new beginning. A fresh start which calls for her being independent.

Max is a husky who is the neighbor’s dog. The neighbor – Roman Banks – is nothing but a twenty-six-year-old mechanic who is a boor to Olivia. But let’s just say he’s hella easy on the eyes. Their homes mirror each other and Olivia’s olive branch does nothing to ease the biting tension between the neighbors. But what is it that set it off in the first place?


I completely dig an enemies-to-lovers romance, and I’d read anything and everything by S.M. Soto ever since I finished reading her Twin Lies Duet! While that was romantic suspense, this is a contemporary romance. Narrated in the first-person, from dual perspectives, the author linked her playlist for the book with the specific chapters.

Olivia is a veterinary assistant. Her sad excuse of an ex left her with a ton of insecurities which she wants to disprove of, and this new house in a new area with a new job seems to be the first step in that direction.

You know the saying, ‘love thy neighbor’? Well, I’m really starting to fucking hate thy neighbor.

It was something unique, to be having a neighbouring house which is a mirror of her own. And for a neighbor that hot, which results in instant combustion. But not much good can be said about the neighbor, as it’s a glare game from the get-go. However friendly Olivia attempts to be, he’s just a jerk to her.

It’s obvious the guy hates me, but I’ll never understand why.

Hate Thy Neighbor by S.M. Soto
A Pinterest mood board of the book.

Even I was curious about his level of hatred for Olivia. When he is such a charmer to everyone else. I felt bad for Olivia who wasn’t welcomed with open arms into the new community. Olivia and Roman were worse than a cat and mouse, looking at how he seemed to be constantly at her throat every moment. They were worse than kids, playing pranks on each other without compunction. And what interesting pranks they were!

It is quite a while before Roman gets his own voice and what a life he’s had, he’s still having. Trying to straighten up his own life as well as someone else’s, after what he’s been handed.

Embrace your scars. They’re what make you beautiful. They’re what tell your story.

There’s something that Olivia is hiding from Roman, and there’s also her icky boss Travis always trying to make a pass at her despite her disinterest. There are so many stories behind every little incident in the book which will warm your heart. With the pranks and the invasive parents, this story drew out so many laughs from me. As intense as the author’s last book was, this one was a complete laugh riot. Though it did have its share of tense situations. But their pranks, the jibes, the Tom-and-Jerry vibes, it all made Hate Thy Neighbor a story which I will always cherish.

The epilogue from three years later is so sweet. But the uncertainty hanging over them just about killed me. But also, not everything is always perfect and the author also alluded to the same in an extended epilogue, which is available separately.

P.S. The author has also published an extended epilogue, which is from the point-of-view of thirty-year-old Delilah, the youngest of Roman and Olivia’s four children. S.M. Soto has kept it real, not magically making Olivia’s condition go away. This epilogue will give you a beautiful closure, but it will move you to tears as well. It will also give you the satisfaction of a new beginning, and if you are anything like me (an insatiable and curious soul), you would want to read this epilogue. An epilogue which finds its continuation in The Consequence of Hating You, the author’s next book!

Luke Caldwell from Scoring the Quarterback makes an appearance in this book.

The other books by the author that I have read and also recommend are:
Kiss Me with Lies | Bury Me with Lies | Chasing the Moon

Thank you to Social Butterfly PR for an e-ARC of the book.

You can get your copy here:
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htn cover
A cover of the book with artwork depicting the faceless protagonists and the hero’s adorable husky, Max!


Fresh out of a failed engagement, Olivia Hales is in dire need of a fresh start. Tired of being the charming and accommodating girl that always gets stomped on, she’s determined to change her outlook on life.

When she finds her dream job in a small town in California, she thinks she’s finally found her place in life. That is until she meets her new neighbor.

Roman Banks.
Moody. Foul-mouthed. Jerk.
And the hottest man on the planet.

At a sprawling six foot five, he was coldly distant and physically intimidating. Not only was her new neighbor a God that was good with his hands, but he was also a grade-A jerk. Trapped on the same street, sharing the same space together, they’ve become entrenched in an addictive, ridiculous, never-ending game of insults and pranks that result in the destruction of two perfectly good homes.

The tension between them is as thick as the walls of their houses are thin. Roman’s touch burned like fire even when his words were ice, and both of them will stop at nothing to make the others life hell.

In the midst of the pranks and the hate they harbor for each other, Olivia slowly pulls back the layers of the man next door and finds herself consumed with wanting to fix him and his past. When both enemies start to catch feelings for each other, Olivia finds herself hiding her own secrets, not wanting to lose another man in her life.

Lines are drawn. Strict rules put into place. But that doesn’t stop Olivia from wanting to save the quiet, broody man next door.

They say you’re supposed to love thy neighbor, but that was the furthest emotion she felt when thinking about Roman. Hate was all there was to their relationship. At the very least, that’s what she tried to tell herself.

Hate Thy Neighbor is a full-length enemies-to-lovers standalone.

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I hear a soft pop behind me, and when I turn, I find Olivia sitting cross-legged on her couch, watching me closely, with a lollipop hanging out of her mouth. A smirk tips the corners of her lips.

“A girl can get used to this.”

“To what exactly?”

“A hot guy in the middle of her living room, putting back the pieces of her miserable life together.”

Closing the distance between us, I stare down at her fixated on the way the stick of the lollipop juts out between those pink bee-stung lips. Gripping the end that’s hanging out of her mouth, I tug, and she lets go with a pop that goes straight to my groin. Taking the lollipop, I put it into my mouth, and her mouth drops open, her eyes heating with desire.

“About that bed.”

She licks her lips, pushing to her feet. “Oh, that’s right. What was it you mentioned earlier? You’ve been waiting to fuck me there?”

Christ in heaven.

My cock goes from half-mast to hard as a fucking rock at her words.

That mouth will be the death of me.

Knowing the effect she’s having on me, Olivia smiles. It’s downright sexy and full of seduction. Tugging my hand in hers, she pulls me along after her, leading the way to her bedroom.

With slow, methodical movements, she strips her shirt off over her head, leaving her in a sports bra. I drop down onto my haunches beside her on the bed, resting my hands on her hips. I hear her sharp intake of breath, as I begin tugging her bottoms down her legs. She bares her center for me, and I groan when I get a closer look at her pussy. Back at the garage, everything was fast and hot, but here, I want to take my time with her.

“You stole my lollipop,” she whispers, tucking her bottom lip between her teeth, nibbling on it.

“I wanted to taste you.”

Her brows dip. “And you thought that was best done with a lollipop?” I hear the amusement in her voice. That’s what makes what I’m about to do next so damn perfect.

“I can show you much better than I can tell you, Sunshine.” Taking the lollipop, I drag the sticky ball of sugar down her stomach and pause just over her pubic bone. She gasps, and when I glance up at her, I see the knowing gleam in her eyes.

Taking the candy, I swirl it around her clit, enjoying the way she squirms on the bed. The way her hips ride off the sheets and she moans, begging for more. I apply more pressure, swirling through her folds, and then I pause at her entrance.

“You like that, Olivia?”

“Y-yes,” she pants.

As I slide the sucker inside her, she groans, drawing a deep chuckle from my chest. “I thought so.”

I fuck her slowly, sliding the lollipop in and out, watching the way her walls grip the candy, the way she glistens and drips. With one last stroke, I pull it out and slide the lollipop over my tongue, tasting her.

Her eyes slam shut, and she tosses her head back onto the sheets.

S.M. Soto
A headshot of the author

About the Author:

S.M. Soto was born and raised in Northern, California where she currently resides with her son. Her love for reading began when she was a young girl, and has only continued to grow into adulthood. S.M. lives for reading books in the romance genre and writing novels with relatable characters. She refers to herself as a bit of a romance junkie. S.M. loves to connect with readers and eat copious of donuts that will surely lead to her demise.

Connect with Selena:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | BookBub

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