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Rules in Revenge by Nichole Severn

***e-ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***

My Rating: 5/5
Genre: Romantic Suspense (Fiction)
Publisher: Harlequin Online Reads
Date of Publication: 8 July 2019

Series: Blackhawk Security #2.5

As Blackhawk Security’s newest investigator, Bennett Spencer is hard at work to find his sister, Bella, since the last one year, but he hasn’t turned up any new leads. And who lands on his door just then? Autumn Staver, Bella’s best friend, in pretty suspicious circumstances. Injured, chilled to the bone, she claims to have found something to help find Bella, she’s so close that she was herself kidnapped. And he, well, he blames her for letting Bella be kidnapped when she could clearly have prevented it.

Get ready for one hell of a ride!

“Blackhawk Security could use an operative like you.”
No truer words have been spoken than what Blackhawk Security weapons expert Anthony Harris told Bennett Spencer towards the end of Book 2, Rules in Rescue. The same Bennett Spencer who went missing, and due to which Anthony had to work with his ex, CID Special Agent Glennon Chase, in order to find him. After all, Bennett is Glennon’s partner and she had approached Anthony to help her find him. Rules in Revenge is a novella which can be read as a standalone but a background nevertheless helps.

What I love about the author is that she gives powerful jobs to her heroines. Autumn is an oncologist, who had to close her practice to find her missing best friend. She makes her heroines gutsy, and kick-ass. Be it her novellas or novels, she packs a punch in all her writings.

Autumn and Bennett have a past connection, and this might as well be their second chance. Their second chance at finding Bella and at togetherness. There are ups and down, yep, even in this short read. And a totally unexpected ending.

Read on:

a) This is a novella which releases on Harlequin Online Reads on 8th July, 2019. One chapter a day. Just login and read away! Link is as follows:

Rules in Revenge

b) Want a dekko at what went on behind the scenes? Just click here.


Bennett Spencer spent the past year searching for his sister. Now the Blackhawk Security investigator is out of leads, out of time and out of hope. Until he opens his door to find Autumn Staver, his sister’s best friend, who claims she just escaped the same abductor. Bennett and Autumn must join forces to hunt a brutal adversary, but they’re treading dangerous ground. Now, they’re in the crosshairs of someone desperate to keep a lethal secret buried.


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